• Absinthe Verte

    Absinthe Verte

    Our absinthe is based upon a traditional 19th century French recipe. We distill neutral apple brandy with grand wormwood, anise seed and fennel to create a proper base for the absinthe followed by a coloring stage in which we infuse the spirit with lemon balm, hyssop and Roman wormwood. Due to the all natural ingredients used in the coloring of this spirit, it will fade with light exposure and may collect sediment in the bottom of the bottle. 375 ml / 140 proof


  • Apple Brandy

    Apple Brandy

    Double pot distilled from New York State apples. Barrel aged and solera blended from a range of vintages starting in 2014. We use a variety of new and once used whiskey barrels to age this spirit. Gold Medal Winner 2019 Fingerlakes International Competition. 80 proof


  • Apple Shine

    Apple Shine

    A white apple brandy distilled from New York State apple cider. This young light brandy has delicate aromas of apple peel and caramel. A great vodka substitute. 80 proof


  • Ginger Gin

    Ginger Gin

    A lovely blend of Juniper, ginger and citrus flavors with a hint of chamomile made on a base of apple brandy. 750 ml / 80 proof


  • Old Saloon 4 Grain Malt Whiskey

    Old Saloon 4 Grain Malt Whiskey

    Distilled from a malt wash of barley, rye, wheat and corn, this whiskey showcases four New York State malted grains. Big, bold, chewy, spicy and bottled at cask strength. This whiskey is not for the faint of heart 750 ml / Cask Strength


  • Snow Devil Gin

    Snow Devil Gin

    Our gin is distilled on a base of apple brandy with 8 carefully chosen botanicals. Slightly dialed back juniper with more focus on coriander and elder flower. This spirit makes a sinfully delicious gin and tonic. 750 ml / 86 proof


  • American Single Malt Whiskey

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    As part of a growing category of American malt whiskeys, ours is uniquely New York State. We use a locally grown and malted 2 row barley a portion of which has been smoked over oak. Barreled and blended in small batches. Soft, sweet and smokey... Gold Medal Winner 2019 John Barleycorn Awards Gold Medal Winner 2019 Fingerlakes International Competition 750 ml / 90 proof